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More Than Just Diecast Models

Northstar Models and Hobbies is much more than just a plastic kits and diecast models shop. We understand that the interest in collectable diecast models goes beyond being a mere hobby. Manufactured with great care, these miniature replicas of ships, cars and other vehicles are exquisite pieces of engineering that take many of us back to our childhood. We pledge to make your online purchase easy and enjoyable.

About Us

Northstar Models and Hobbies is a space for those passionate about quality diecast toys and plastic models kits to find some select units. Founded by Matt Baxendale, the shop is a dream come true for his 5-year-old self. A collector himself, Matt offers visitors a comprehensive, fully personalised shopping experience.

Committed to sharing his knowledge and passion with his fellow collectors and diecast enthusiasts, Mark’s level of service is unbeatable. The time, commitment and experience Matt brings to the table make him the go-to expert when it comes to hobby kits and collectable, quality diecast models. Get to know his story.